erlebe die pfalz


So much to see in a day

Good motorway connections from Niederalben allow you to experience in a day-trip a wide range of natural- and cultural highlights with an European Flair. We are presenting here only a small selection of the different destinations at the edges of the Palatinate.

In the North West & West

Moselle Valley and trier

Wine, culture and history are combined in an impressive landscape.

Trier one of the oldest cities in germany is easy to reach via the A62 and A1. You can plan a more leisurely return by following the Moselle downriver to Bernkastel-Kues and back through the Hunsrück mountains.

saarland - shopping and top views

Approx. 90 km West, near the idyllic Saar loop, you reach the city of Mettlach with its Outlet Center. The destination for all your homeware needs and more. It also includes a shop of the famous porcelain factory Villeroy & Boch. Altogether a rewarding destination for the special shopping experience and the touristic sights of the Saar valley.

European flair - Luxembourg

Little further than Trier we find a whole different tourist destination, the country and the city of Luxembourg, a UNESCO world cultural heritage. Finish the excursion with a dinner in one of the excellent restaurants of the small but impressive capital city.

world class modern art in Metz

The French Lorraine is easy accessible via the A6 (Mannheim – Saarbrücken) and 60 km after the French border you find yourself in Metz. The city and its cathedral alone are worth the trip, but a must see is a visit to the branch of the Paris Centre Pompidou Museum.

In the South, and (North) East


Pfälzer Wald

The largest contiguous forest area of Germany, the biosphere reserve Palatinate Forest and Vosges du Nord is located just south of Kaiserslautern. A forest region, which also includes the vineyards of the Rhein-Valley. The forest holds rich historical heritage, like the Trifels castle, where Richard the Lionheard was imprisoned and equally impressive is the castle Berwartstein, perched high on the rocks.

German wine route

Visit the well known vineyards, castles and tiny towns of the region and don't miss a meal in one of the typical wine restaurants. Before you leave the region you should buy a box of wine directly from the "Winzer" to enjoy the "Weinstrasse-Gemütlichkeit" also at home.

Highlight of the romanticism epoch - Heidelberg

Heidelberg can be reached conveniently in 90 minutes via the A62, A6 and A67. Heidelberg Castle and the Neckar panorama guarantee a fulfilling stay. On the way back stop for the shopping-experience in Mannheim and the trip will be perfect.

The Rhine and the Niederwald monument

Particularly in the postwar years, the Rhine was a popular travel destination and a visit to the Germania on the Niederwald monument almost obligatory. Of course, the Rhine-valley starting in Bingen is still a classic and a very worthwhile destination.