erlebe die pfalz


Around the village

Niederalben is about nature, about discovery of rural life. But there is also lots to see in the vicinity or make time for a day-trip to see outstanding places of Germany, Luxemburg or France.

Premium Walks

Try the Veldenz trail. Around the village you can find the markings for an interesting walk on the hills of the Glantal. The signs will lead you up and down the hills and rocks which surround the village.


The Veldenz trail in a video

There is also a nice Youtube video about the trail, showing the beautiful sights of Niederalben.

Riding the old rails

Experience another form of mobility. Take a Draisine-Tour along the Glantal with stop-overs to see the sights of the valley. Near the station in Niederalben is the nature-reserve Steinalb, perfect for bird watching.

Further afield

Beautiful historic Meisenheim

20 kms down the river Glan you can reach Meisenheim, the very picturesque historic city in the Glantal. 

Burg Lichtenberg

Visit one of the biggest castles in Germany. Beautiful views, museums, exhibitions, restaurant, youth-hostel, all combined in the Burg.